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  • Grounding Meditation for Anxiety

    An anxious thought can leave us reeling and replaying the worst case scenario on repeat. Find stillness and get grounded in this 20 minute guided meditation. Together, we will explore the cause of our anxiety, how to find compassion for ourselves in the face of fear, and how to ease bodily tensio...

  • Anti-Hustle Meditation

    It's easy to continue working as hard as you have been. But to what end? Find some peace of mind with this 15 minute anti-hustle meditation. Get out of the mindset that you need to do 'more' to feel your best. Your work is appreciated. You need to give yourself some credit. You've accomplished so...

  • Upper Body Relaxation Meditation

    Pop quiz - relax your jaw, unforrow your brow, and let top and bottom sets of teeth fall away from one another. There... now, I'd say you ought to take 10 minutes and sit down to relax a bit further. All too often we are holding tension throughout the upper body. Drop the worries of your day with...